Are you there, gourd? It’s me…*

In Kimberly, Washington DC on October 9, 2009 at 1:33 am
October is fall

October is fall

I took a late flight to Denver in order to be here for my nephew’s pirate party this weekend (8 is a big year in the life of a young ‘mate). Which put a sizable crunch on what I could do for today’s photo. And Anna’s photo of gourds yesterday left me… stumped. A lap or two around my mom’s house revealed this centerpiece on the kitchen table, and do you see that? It’s a gourd. Done and done.

* Postcard to the person who correctly references the inspiration for that title.

  1. This is gorgeous… You’d set a high bar for tomorrow!

  2. My stepdad saw me setting it up on the ledge around the fireplace in the living room and was like, “uh, you preparing for a romantic evening alone?” Heh. Poor guy, thinks my mom’s kids are crazy.

  3. […] ode to October really had me focused on the importance of lighting.  Which led me to photograph this cool little […]

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