Where to?

In Anna, San Francisco on October 9, 2009 at 10:45 am
Looking Up

iPhone: Cal Academy of Sciences

Got the message, Kimberly, and I’m passing it along.

Last night, my love of science and happy hours became one at the California Academy of Sciences Nightlife.  Imagine this: white alligators + rainforest + planetarium + house music + drinks…senses overload, am I right?  It was amazing, in the most bizarre way possible.

So I arrived, armed with only my iPhone, in search of creepy looking eels.  Then I saw this.  I love little surprises.

  1. ha! Couldn’t be more perfect. Love it.

  2. […] liked the railing in Anna’s photo yesterday, and went looking for something like that. I found this wrought […]

  3. […] and I hit up the Exploratorium’s After Dark (same concept as Cal Academy of Science’s Nightlife) this evening and had way more fun than I expected to. This month’s After Dark theme was Fire […]

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