Anchors aweigh, my boys

In Anna, San Francisco on October 11, 2009 at 11:01 am
Blue Angels

Blue Angels

It’s Fleet Week in SF!  Which, as anyone who is familiar with my love of the military can tell you, makes me pretty darn happy. Crowds flock to the Marina, transforming the usually quiet, yuppy neighborhood.  There are kids selling cookies and lemonade on every corner (I’m a sucker and stopped at two), families picnicking on the waterfront…it was like being in a scene of a Nancy Meyers film.

In Kimberly’s photo of her mom’s garden, I liked how the flowers provided a burst of color.  That inspired this shot – where a bright color is used monochromatically rather than as an accent.  I used to see the Blue Angels all the time, flying over Seattle for Seafair, but I hadn’t done that in years. Typical of San Francisco, a giant fog bank rolled in, thereby grounding the Blue Angels…only 10 minutes into their show.  Buh-bye, Blue Angels.  Still, it was a perfect afternoon.

  1. […] fun shot yesterday of the Blue Angels had a cluster of four airplanes and I used that grouping to inspire this shot. I tried to echo the solid background and simple […]

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