For Matthew

In Anna, San Francisco on October 25, 2009 at 12:16 am
Remembrance candle

Remembrance candle

Last week I lost my good friend, Matthew. Matthew and I studied abroad together in London and became immediate friends. He was one of maybe three people I made sure to see every time I visited Seattle. Well, I’m back in Seattle today to see Matthew one last time. I flew up for the day in order to attend his memorial service and pay my respects to his family. Words cannot express how wonderful of a person Matthew was and how much he means to me. Suffice it to say he will be dearly missed.

Yesterday, Kimberly posted a photo of rows of candles. Today, I just have one. And it’s for Matthew. Matthew, I loved you very much and always will.

  1. […] good friend Matthew passed away recently. I did not get to meet Matthew but I know he was vibrant, adventurous, loved […]

  2. This is a really beautiful sentiment, one I’m sure Matthew’s family, and Matthew himself, fully appreciate. I hope this blog is as cathartic as it seems. I love you Nanny.

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