Word of the day: Stoic

In Anna, San Francisco on October 28, 2009 at 12:39 am

Fort Mason

I ran across this statue on a late night run through Fort Mason. Well, to be accurate, I nearly ran into it. It’s a giant piece of stone to be sure, but there are a total of zero lights in that park and I had all of 6 inches of visibility. Probably not the best decision to run there at night…

Anyway, Kimberly’s awesome photo of her new feline friend had me hustling back to the park (in the daylight this time). I really enjoyed how poised Kanye was; you would swear both subjects were statues. So I tried to replicate that feeling with the above. The statue is actually pretty cool; it has a very interesting tile mosaic of a little girl’s face at the base (I’ve posted some photos of it on Flickr).

  1. […] schedule – puts me to shame. She spends her evenings running through parks and appreciating stone statues, while I spend them socializing, listening to music or working on projects intended primarily for […]

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