The Bread Garden

In Anna, San Francisco on November 3, 2009 at 3:37 pm

iPhone: Lunch

To say that I like pastries is akin to saying that it’s been known to rain in Seattle; that it can get kind of chilly in Antarctica; that the Seahawks are only the second greatest franchise in American football history.  Oh wait, maybe not the last one (wishful thinking).

How I was inspired to take the shot above essentially comes down to two facts: 1) I was starving; and 2) I always find it impossible to sneak away from my desk long enough to actually consume food. So it’s not surprising that when I saw Kimberly’s impressive and terrifying statue from yesterday, I immediately thought to myself “Mmm…that looks like a shortbread cookie.” Seriously.

So I trekked over to one of my favorite bakeries of all time, The Bread Garden in Berkeley, and bought my lunch: a chocolate dipped shortbread cookie, a German ricotta cheese-filled pocket, and a Mexican wedding cake.

  1. […] passionate love of pastries is notable, and not a little bit hilarious. I can’t tease too much though because I’ve […]

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