Golden day

In Anna, San Francisco on November 8, 2009 at 1:34 am

Golden Gate Bridge

Kimberly’s colorful fountain had me walking the few blocks from my apartment to the beach. Yesterday was a simply perfect California day. I’m talking near 70 degree weather, clear skies and crisp November air. The sunshine perked the entire city up; everyone was smiling and out to enjoy the beautiful weather, myself included. It’s exactly days like yesterday that make me glad I live in SF.

  1. How awesome is it that you live by the beach now? Jealous!

  2. Oh wow, gorgeous! The last time I went over there to the “beach” it was crazy windy. As in, there are probably grains of sand still in my scalp somewhere 😉

  3. […] am admittedly jealous of anyone who lives within walking distance of the beach. I could live in sundresses, flip flops and Wayfarers; I’d be damn pleased to do so, in fact. […]

  4. Lindsay – okay, maybe it’s not exactly a string bikini & lounge chair sort of beach. But it’s at least a curl up in a chunky sweater with sand sifting through your toes worthy!

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