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In Anna, San Francisco on November 20, 2009 at 1:22 am

My Roommate's Closet

Sorry, Kimberly, lasers are strictly for super smarties and nerd groupies, such as myself. Plus, you know, the lab is kind of closed for Thanksgiving. However, I can offer you gut-bustingly good food and wallet-breakingly fantastic shopping. Case in point: My Roommate’s Closet.

I have been talking up this store to Kimberly for ages now – and with good reason. It’s a boutique outlet store (i.e. a permanent sample sale) just blocks of my apartment. I was so excited when my sister introduced it to me. My favorite store back in DC was Treat, another boutique outlet in Old Town Alexandria – also just blocks from my apartment. I’m not entirely sure if I just luck out by living near these shops or if it’s a self-selective thing… Either way, I’m happy with the outcome.

  1. […] far, Washington has been spared truly frigid days this fall. The wintery scene in the shop window near Anna’s house sent me looking for signs of winter though, and it is […]

  2. […] quick visit to my favorite store, Treat. Not quite the White House, but it’s home to me. As I mentioned before, Treat is a perma-sample sale store in my former neighborhood of Old Town […]

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