Land, water, sky

In Kimberly, San Francisco on November 29, 2009 at 12:45 am

Pacific ocean

Today Anna and I did a canopy tour in the Redwood forest, ziplining amongst century-old Redwoods, which was just as fun and semi-ridiculous as it sounds. On the way back to San Francisco, she drove along the breathtaking Pacific Coast highway. We stopped to take some photos as the sun was just beginning to set over the Pacific, casting a warm glow over the waves. The tight, neat rows in warm, golden hues echo the rows of wine barrels at Cakebread yesterday.

  1. […] line of ice skaters at the Union Square rink reflects the cascading waves in Kimberly photo of the Pacific Ocean yesterday. We spent the last day of our Thanksgiving weekend traipsing around the city – […]

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