El Niño Christmas

In Anna, San Francisco on November 30, 2009 at 12:43 am

Union Square ice rink

The telescoping line of ice skaters at the Union Square rink reflects the cascading waves in Kimberly photo of the Pacific Ocean yesterday. We spent the last day of our Thanksgiving weekend traipsing around the city – Union Square being our first stop. It was a very strange scene. Families had gathered downtown to see the giant Christmas tree and partake of the ice rink…all while surrounded by palm trees and basking in the sunny 70 degree weather. It reminded me precisely of the following lyrics from the Carpenters’ Christmas Portrait:

The sun is shining; the grass is green; the orange and palm trees sway. There’s never been such a day in Beverly Hills, LA. But it’s December the 24th and I’m longing to be up North. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.

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  2. Ha! So I heard this great song on the radio today called “Christmas in San Francisco” – (it’s kind of slow, but as I was driving – slowly in traffic of course – I listened to the words and it made perfect sense!)…

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