In Kimberly, Washington DC on December 1, 2009 at 12:07 am

O'Hare nap area

You want to see adorable people in a line, I urge you to check out the people napping between red-eye flights in an airport.  The woman at the end of the left row was a small Asian elderly woman, wearing a lavender sweatsuit and napping with a Spiderman blanket (which you can see peeking out if you look closely). Now, I’ll allow that your grandma might be cute, but does she take red-eyes and cuddle with Spiderman? Come on!

  1. […] 33.4 million people infected with HIV/AIDS, this disease affects us all, including travel-weary O’Hare residents. AIDS is both preventable and treatable. Check out this great resource from Google to find ways […]

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