Please please PLEASE work!

In Anna, San Francisco on December 10, 2009 at 1:43 am

Injured MacBook

After tweeting my MacBook woes, fellow SF blogger, Legal Style, quickly responded with the sketchiest set of instructions: If the genius bar can’t solve your problem, take it to the powerbook guy, in the flood building next to anthropologie. 10th floor. (Amazing)

Before I made the drop, I took a quick mug shot, playing on the contrasting black and white from Kimberly’s photo yesterday. I delivered the hard drive to PowerBook Guy, whose credentials show that he is both Mac ninja (i.e. a “Certified Macintosh Technician” – whew!) and crime fighter. The man has a J.D. diploma from UC Berkeley on his wall! So naturally, he must prosecute felons on his down time.

Oh and on a related note, PBG seemed very impressed that Ryan let me walk away with the old hard drive and gave me a bigger one as a replacement! Further proof that Ryan is a rock star. Hopefully my post in 2-3 business days will be a cheerful update of how my MacBook (still to be named) has been fully resuscitated!

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