A Sweet Afternoon

In Anna, San Francisco on January 10, 2010 at 12:56 am

Cupcake & Wine Pairings

Taking a cue from Kimberly, I captured a special moment in my friend Lindsay‘s life – her 24th birthday! She hosted a fantastic party at Bin 38, where the theme Have Your Cake and Eat It Too had us pairing mini cupcakes with Layer Cake wine. Being the ever-attentive hostess, my glass was never empty and I’m sad to admit that after losing count on the number of glasses and cupcakes consumed, I just barely had enough energy to make it to dinner with Emily afterward.

Happy Birthday, Lindsay! Thanks for a fabulous (and filling) afternoon!

  1. […] looking tiny chocolate cupcakes in Anna’s photo yesterday may be responsible for the chocolate craving I’ve been fighting all day. I finally gave in tonight and baked some triple chocolate […]

  2. Ha! I’m on Google Reader and your post was near the top… and I mistook it for my own! Glad you had a fun time. We’re still drinking Layer Cake Wine tonight in Napa!

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