Act natural, everyone

In Anna, San Francisco on January 11, 2010 at 12:02 am

No Pants Subway Ride

I love it when pets pose for the camera. How do they even know to do that? It’s amazing! I love it even more when they try to play it off like they’re being completely normal; “Oh were you taking my photo? I had no idea!” Kanye beats my dog hands down at faux candid shots. The only pose my dog has mastered is that of bored contempt (come to think of it, that is his natural state…).

For today’s post, I photographed subjects who were directed to act naturally as well. According to the Facebook event post, participants of the No Pants Subway Ride were advised to “Act casual. Don’t take pictures, if you can help it. Try not to notice the other pantsless people, unless someone points them out to you. If asked, pretend you have no idea why everyone else has no pants.”

Great in theory. But of course it was nearly impossible for everyone to maintain a straight face. The excitement and levity was catching. So much so that when an unfairly attractive man strode up to me and suggested “It’s not too late”, I nearly acquiesced (damn my weakness for tall men!). But I stayed strong and politely informed him that “I never take off my pants on the first date.”

  1. […] are generally three kinds of details: details you notice, details you don’t notice and details you pretend not to notice. This is the former. ChurchKey opened a few months ago in DC and distinguished itself largely with […]

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