In Kimberly, Washington DC on January 20, 2010 at 12:01 am

Double fisted

If you’re aggressive about drinking beer, you can go with the Growler, or you can double fist it.

Speaking of fists, I realized looking through my first photos for this shot that I, apparently, didn’t know how to make a proper fist. (Embarrassing tough girls everywhere, no doubt.) Turns out, there’s a technique and tutorials. Fixed me right up.

  1. How do you find this stuff?! That video is hilariously absurd. The only thing that compensates for Mr. I-wish-I-was-Bruce-Lee was the clear boredom on Mr. I-wish-I-was-Chuck-Norris’s face!

    PS-Next time, save yourself 5 1/2 minutes and call me. I could have taught you how to make a fist. 😉 Big bro taught me how to throw a correct punch before I was out of diapers. Haha.

  2. His boredom was awesome. I hope he got a free Chinese boxing lesson out of it at least.

    My hands were actually sore by the end of the effort (pathetic, I know). Clenching my hands into fists is not something my muscles are used to I guess. Clenching my teeth on the other hand…

  3. […] wanna see aggressive? This is all I could see of the Embarcadero this morning. January marks the start of San […]

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