In Kimberly, Washington DC on January 27, 2010 at 12:01 am

Bathtub massacre

Anna’s disturbing bathroom activities with her ‘gator friend got my creative sparks jumping. (Speaking of ‘gators, Anna, I’ve been to that bar. This awesomeness happened. You can even see the big fish bowl on our table. The ‘gator from that night was on my desk at work for years.)

This bathroom horror scene is meant to be reminiscent of horror films from the ’60s. Did I hit the mark?

On a tangential note, I think I’m gonna be a rad mom to boys, or girls like me. You want to make some fake blood for your zombie costume, theatrical production premiering in the garage or the music video you’re filming in the basement, honey? Mama’s got you covered.

  1. Yes-hit the nail on the head. Now I will never be able to stay over at your house ever again without having nightmares. On a side note-if Jeff and I ever have kids, you will have to move closer. Getting dirty isn’t my thing. Although-having Jeff as a dad-our kids might have enough real blood that we won’t need the fake stuff…..something to ponder.

  2. I was juuuust saying to someone yesterday that if you get knocked up, I’ve totally got to move back sooner rather than later. Being Super Aunt is definitely a viable alternative to parenthood.

  3. is that jelly?

  4. It’s a mixture of BBQ sauce, cherry sauce and grape jelly. Basically, I took whatever jars were almost empty in my fridge and mixed the contents together.

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