Ferry Building fun

In Anna, San Francisco on February 13, 2010 at 7:43 pm

Kingdom of Herbs

It’s another weekend of fantastic weather in SF, so Lindsay and I took advantage of it by spending the afternoon at the Ferry Building with some new friends. I was a mere five feet away Bluebottle, a local coffee chain I’ve been meaning to try, when I took this photo at the Kingdom of Herbs. Unfortunately, I had already fulfilled my coffee quotient for the day*, so I guess that’s an experience I’ll have to reserve for later.

*Back when I was a true Seattleite, I drank 2-3 venti caramel macchiatos every day. I was an uber coffee snob (like every other Starbucks barista trained in Seattle) and refused to touch anything that was not of superior quality. Living on the East Coast cured me of that. Now I’m a straight drip coffee girl. If it’s decent, I’ll drink it. That said, I still stock my kitchen with high quality Starbucks coffee beans so I can grind and brew a good cup at home. Which is what I did this morning. Now that I’ve reformed and drink a maximum of 12 ounces a day, I had to abstain from Bluebottle this afternoon.

  1. […] photo of this snowdragon keeping a watchful eye on the neighborhood after spying him through the window when I was driving home this afternoon. Well played, neighbors. ▶ No Responses /* 0) { […]

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