The Waiting Game

In Anna, Washington DC on February 19, 2010 at 12:36 am

Washington Dulles Airport

This post would have been on time had WordPress not gone down today. It was so upsetting…I was this close to pulling off a serious feat! There I was: snapping photos while trying to run around and find my way to the people movers because the brand new trains in Dulles were already malfunctioning. I made it to my gate just as they were boarding, which meant that I had a three second window (between getting to my seat and having to shut down all electronic devices) to publish today’s post. And I made it too. Except that WordPress wasn’t coming up at all. Instead, I had to frantically pull up the WordPress app on my iPhone to type out a harried message as to why today’s post would be my first late post since starting this blog back in October. Okay, that’s enough complaining for a week.

This giant group of students was sitting around, waiting for the train at Dulles to be fixed. Why they didn’t just hop on one of the Star Wars-esque people movers to take them to their terminal was beyond me. It looked like they had been waiting there a while.

PS – I’m posting this while riding in the SuperShuttle back to my apartment. Are you impressed with how dedicated I am to you all yet?

  1. I am impressed! Love the dedication, LOVE!

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