Ferry rider

In Anna, San Francisco on February 21, 2010 at 7:44 pm

The Monster

We took a ride on the ferry to Bainbridge Island today. It was a very spontaneous trip, which is pretty much how my family rolls. Lena loves riding the ferry and particularly enjoys running into the wind, shrieking and turning back. Doesn’t get much cuter.

  1. Look at that cute little green jacket! She’s such a cupcake… totally delicious!

    Travel safely back to SF… you’ve left me here by myself for way too long!

    • Um, guess who got her that jacket! 😉 I love being the cool aunt. Although, I pretty much can’t step foot into Baby Gap now without expecting to buy something…

  2. […] more than a little bitter (and a lot despondent) that I’m neither cavorting on a boat nor hanging with my family. Fortunately, I have trip to the beach with my nephew to look forward to in a few months. There […]

  3. I have an objection to the “cool aunt” comment. Just saying…

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