Performance art

In Kimberly, Washington DC on March 27, 2010 at 12:11 pm

iPhone: Kelly Towles paints

Ack! I totally forgot to post yesterday. I had an amazingly fun night, full of unexpected awesomeness pretty much from beginning to end and when I got home I crashed hard. Mea culpa. Part of the fun was going to a show at Strathmore Mansion where the opening act was the amazing local artist Kelly Towles painting on stage. Afterward he auctioned off the pieces to the audience. I scored a wicked good deal because the audience didn’t really believe he was auctioning it off. So, the middle painting is mine, for only $33 – what a treat!

  1. That is so cool! It’s going to look amazing in your place!

  2. Her son died Saturday, the same night, Cody and Carrie Tedford and their uncle Dwayne
    Clover were turning right off Loop 377 South in young realty dexter
    missouri returning to their home in Hamilton. Ha While I was staring at
    me it seemed like my whole life was just flashing before me.

    My friend said he could see a shape, triangular, I could not.
    Hope y’all were doing the same?

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