Retreat to Napa

In Anna, San Francisco on March 28, 2010 at 12:01 am

Oakville Grocery

Lindsay, Vivian and I escaped the city for the day and retreated to Napa (such a brilliant idea, Linds!). Sunshine, 70+ degrees and no shortage of wine…a great day, from start to finish. We made the mandatory mid-day stop at Oakville Grocery for lunch and I got a major bone thrown to me by the cashier.

Apparently, they issue sandwich stamp cards and after 7 stamps, you get a free sandwich (Lindsay clued me into this, of course). Sadly, I had already been to the grocery numerous times before getting my first stamp card today. When I commented on this to the cashier, she added extra stamps to my card without even hesitating. I was so surprised. Her response after I thanked her? “We’re trusting up here.” Yet another reason to love Napa.

  1. I so wish I could have come with you! It sounds like it was an absolutely perfect day. Definitely next time.


  2. I am still jealous of your SIX stamps at once! I’ve been working on my bunny card for over a year and you waltz in with a pretty smile and they all but give you a free sandwich. That certainly was nice of them!

  3. […] a couple were bigger draws because… well let’s just say they earned style points. The mandatory drink stop for all the ladies present was crafted by the two bartenders from Art & Soul. Their station was […]

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