Well done, Starbucks

In Anna, San Francisco on April 17, 2010 at 3:54 am

Starbucks Mermaid

In my humble opinion, functional accents represent architecture at its best. Presenting practicality in a creative way takes skill. Starbucks ingeniously used the company’s logo as the structural support for its Bellevue Square retail location.

I’m in Seattle for the weekend. I took a very last-minute trip (as in I bought my plane ticket last night and was on the first flight in this morning) to be with my family.

It’s always strange to visit my childhood haunts; dredging up memories from another lifetime. This Starbucks was the Seattle’s Best Coffee that my high school best friend worked at. I used to visit her to grab a free cup of coffee and shoot the breeze while she was on break. Wow, I’m feeling ancient…

  1. […] part frozen yogurt cone obsession). Spring in DC is always nice, but this year it’s been particularly great. I think the long, bitter winter made us particularly grateful when the temperatures started […]

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