Stress free Saturday

In Anna, San Francisco on May 9, 2010 at 12:01 am

Golden Gate

The weather the past few days have been, for lack of a better word, amazing. I have been traveling so much lately, I spent the day doing exactly what I’ve been wanting to do for weeks now – catching up with friends. Mary Beth and I brunched at the Elite Cafe in Pac Heights. I definitely see myself becoming a regular there. The atmosphere is so retro (think old school New York with high-backed booths) and the food is just as appealing. Their biscuits literally melted in my mouth.

Then Lindsay and I watched the documentary Babies at the Sundance Kabuki Theater (hands down my favorite movie theater in the city. They serve real food, not the junk you find at mega-chains). It was a very cute and interesting film. Definitely check it out if it’s showing near you.

Afterward (because I hadn’t been productive enough today), I went for a 5-miler. I haven’t run in ages and it shows. When you start picking jeans based on their elasticity, you know it’s time to exercise again. I nearly had an asthma attack on my run – that’s how out of shape I am. I could practically feel the sludge churning in me. I have no way to explain it other than: it felt like unclogging a backed up drain. Yeah, it felt just as attractive as it sounds.

Now it’s off to dinner and a night out with the cousin. I really should pick somewhere healthy to eat…but I have a massive hankering for Little Star (by far the best pizza in the Bay). Hopefully my discipline will win out, but I’m not too certain…

  1. Oh I love Kabuki! Sounds like a fun day, despite the imagery. I can’t wait to, you know, go outside again.

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