Bourbon heaven

In Anna, San Francisco on May 10, 2010 at 12:01 am

BlackBerry: Rickhouse

Good news! My self discipline held out and I swapped fatty pizza for grilled salmon last night. The cousin and I went to Sotto Mare for dinner – a superb choice. Once again, Yelp has not steered me wrong!

It was the first of many stops last night. We also made an appearance at Rickhouse; my new favorite bar. I almost wish I lived in the Financial District, just so it could be my local watering hole. It’s another great throwback establishment. The level of detail used to create a 1930s atmosphere was astounding – I’m talking bartenders sporting suspenders and vintage light bulbs. Speaking of bartenders, the barkeeps make some truly delicious (and complicated) concoctions.

Kimberly, you would love this place. Rickhouse is especially known for its vast and comprehensive stock of bourbons and whiskey.

  1. […] bars in upscale hotels are made for drinking good bourbon and wine by the bottle. We celebrated a nice win Thursday night […]

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