For 3/13

In Anna, San Francisco on May 19, 2010 at 3:02 am


Hello! I’m finally back from the Caribbean and, as promised, I’m uploading my posts for the past week.

As soon as we landed in Puerto Rico, Rachel and I wandered through the resort areas of Ocean Park and Condado, under the misapprehension that we could hoof our way to Old San Juan. After we had walked for what felt like forever, I took over map navigation duties and realized that we were only half way to our destination. Tired, jetlagged and running on a few hours of sleep, I put my foot down and hailed a cab. FYI – Lots of things in San Juan are cheap. Cabs are not one of them.

There’s a lot of historical charm to Old San Juan, but you can pretty much explore all of the good parts within a day. The rest is sadly made up of souvenir shops and endless Wendy’s and Subway franchises. I was exhausted, so we didn’t check out all of the sites our first night. Instead, I declared defeat and ended the evening with dessert* at Toro Salao before catching the bus back to Ocean Park.

*For you foodies out there: dessert was churros smothered in dark chocolate hot sauce with cookies & cream ice cream. Yum.


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