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In Anna, San Francisco on May 19, 2010 at 1:53 pm

Hucares Playa

Today was another beach-filled day. Rachel and I have had the best luck this trip. We called Abe’s* to schedule a snorkeling tour, but had just missed the 9:30 am group tour. Amazing man that he is, he called his son in to take us on our own private snorkel trip and didn’t even charge us extra!

Having never snorkeled before, Abe Jr. (“Abie”) took us to Mosquito Pier for calmer waters. As soon as he handed us our masks and fins, we were off. It was only when my sister tapped me did I realize that Abie was still standing on the shore, waiting for us. Apparently, he had expected us to test the waters before giving us additional instructions. Guess that wasn’t necessary! It wasn’t long before he took us to the deeper waters where the more advanced snorkelers go in order to check out bigger marine life.

Snorkeling was…in a word: unreal. It’s an incredible and humbling experience to come face-to-face with creatures you only see behind the glass walls of an aquarium.

*Ask anyone in Esperanza and they will tell you that Abe is the man to go to for Bio Bay tours and snorkel trips. He is amazing. Seriously, don’t even bother going to anyone else.

  1. […] tree is 375 years old and the second oldest in the Caribbean. We stopped to check it out before our snorkeling trip to Mosquito Pier. I wish that this photo conveyed how monstrous this tree really is. Rachel stood […]

  2. I’m now thinking you were in Vieques the entire time. Fraser worked for a year at Bio Bay and says he knows Abe. Haha. Okayyy. Small world.

  3. Get out! Such a small world. Does he also know Abe’s son? Because I got in a really heated argument with him about environmentalism and how people who live in cities are not cold-hearted industrialists. Haha.

    Where did Fraser work??

    And no, I wasn’t in Vieques the entire time. Unfortunately. I really loved it there! We spent just a couple of days in Vieques and the rest of the time around San Juan.

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