SF to DC

In Anna, Washington DC on May 25, 2010 at 12:40 pm

iPhone: Hello East Coast

Do you see where that little blue dot is hovering? … Guess who’s back in DC!

I put on quite the performance last night.  I surprised my best friends by moving back to DC and waltzing into class and their homes. It was pretty genius. And their reactions were worth 2 months of silence. I’m still getting emails and texts from everyone saying “I’m still in shock.”

The best reaction had to be Mark’s. He walked into class late (yes, I even resumed my grad program at Georgetown and made my advisor and Assistant Dean promise not to tell a soul!) and immediately came to a dead stop upon seeing me. He gave me this “WTF is going on??!” look and walks into class in sloooow motion. You would swear he was approaching a wild lion or something.

The most hilarious part was that the professor asked Mark to introduce himself and was asking him questions. All the while, Mark is not comprehending what the prof is saying to him and just keeps staring at me in a highly confused manner. Oh man, I wish I had it on video. It was priceless.

So yes, friends. I’m back on the East Coast for a year. Then I’ll be heading back to San Francisco. So the title of the blog remains the same. Because, let’s face it, DC to SF to DC…to SF is just way too redundant and depressing!

PS – Thanks to all my SF friends for being so good about not writing anything on FB, Twitter or here! I’ll see you all soon. xo

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