Fat Boy

In Anna, Washington DC on June 3, 2010 at 10:04 pm


The closest Barry comes to having green eyes is when my camera flash distorts them. He is obsessed with my living room rug and spends quite a bit of time rubbing his head all over it while growling. It’s kind of adorable.

Don’t worry, I’ll restrain myself from posting a ton of photos of Barry (I figured it’s the first week he’s finally living with me, so I get a reprieve with this one. Ha). As cute as he is, I promised my sister that Kimberly and I would not be dueling pet photos.

  1. […] Beach around 4pm and immediately hit the beach. We’ve only encountered a few of the beach animals in their element so far. Xavier likes the seagulls in particular. Tomorrow, we’re going in search of starfish […]

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