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Kimberly lives in Washington, DC, and flees the city often to accrue as many frequent flier miles as possible. Lately she’s spent a lot of quality time on the DC to NY commuter bus to spend weekends in NYC. Like everyone in DC, she’s from somewhere else; Denver most recently, by way of Texas.

She likes new experiences, setting goals with nebulous value (see: Visiting All 50 States by 30) and complicated people.

She loves coffee, happy hours, live music, road trips, reading, her awesome nephew and the internet. She shoots with a Canon 50D.




Anna moved from Seattle to DC without a job, friends or a place to live, despite a deep love of rules and plans. It was one of the best decisions of her life. So naturally, she repeated the experience and moved to San Francisco in August 2009 (well, this time she had a job and a place to live).

As a kid, Transformers and X-Men made her happy, not Barbies. She has an unhealthy love of football (she gets LOUD). She bakes chocolate chip pancakes for dinner, eats chips for lunch and hates vegetables. Fortunately, she loves to run.

Her current project is searching for a balance between a need for structure and experiencing as much of life as possible (Kimberly is exceptionally good at helping her accomplish this task). She thinks this will be a lifelong quest. She shoots with a Nikon D5000.

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